Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

It was a year ago today that our Savannah found her way home after being lost somewhere in the woods for 12 days. We thought we would never see our dog again, considering the dangerous wildlife and poisonous snakes out there, but somehow she not only survived, but came back with just one tiny scratch on her leg, and her collar and leash were still attached. An amazing miracle for which we are forever grateful. I never take it for granted that Savannah relies on us for love and care and shelter.

My husband and I have both been under-the-weather for nearly two weeks now, even though the weather itself has been picture-perfect, Texas-postcard beautiful. I think my very bad cold turned into bronchitis and my energy level dropped to zero on at least two of those days. When I'm not able to even hold a book and read, then you know I'm sick... but my head and chest were too stuffed-up to even concentrate. I'm still coughing a bit, but I feel much better.

This coming Friday, I am meeting with the principal of a local elementary school. I will outline my plan for an after-school book club for the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders of that school. "The Magic Wand Book Club," inspired by our recent trip to Universal to see the Harry Potter exhibits there.  I doubt that any series of books has resonated with children as J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter -- and it wasn't just the kids who latched on to those books. It seemed like everyone was reading about Harry and Hogwarts when that series was being published. And looking at the 'magic' happening still at Universal, Harry's popularity hasn't diminished.

I am certain that the love of books and reading can be brought to kids everywhere, whether or not they're able to travel to Florida to see the world of Harry Potter. I intend to do just that... to take kids who already like to read and make them see that reading is not just an assignment for their school years, but it's a habit that can follow them through their entire lives, enriching it with untold blessings and diversions and discoveries.

Wands are on order... pens and book journals.... and I will be buying books, books, and more books. I will teach the kids how to take care of the books they wish to keep, and hopefully encourage them to start little libraries of their own, whether it be one small shelf or an entire bookcase. I spent some of my recent sick days making bookmarks for the students, and writing an outline of our weekly meetings. I already have nearly 40 books, and plan to have at least a few hundred before our first session of the new term. I intend to have novels and non-fiction for the kids to choose from... they will pick out what they would like to read, then tell the rest of us about the story. After completing three books, the kids can choose a wand. I am hoping this reading experience becomes a life-long love of books for all the kids who join this book club.

The most important message of the book club will be its motto:  "The magic is not in the wand... the magic is in me!"


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