Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blog this....

Magic.... I am typing this on my iPad (which I have named Gatsby). One quick trip to the AT&T store and the young man there showed me how to get the Blogspot thing-y on the page with all the other apps I have downloaded. I sound like I know what I'm doing with this iPad but most of the time, it is hit and miss. However, the more I use Gatsby the more hits I get.

So now of course I am wondering if I can get a photo to appear with the text. The AT&T guy showed me how to do that, but his fingers were flying all over the keyboard screen so I will have to see if I can duplicate what he did. I'm not even sure that the template for my blogs will even accept a picture.

Easter weekend has come and gone and it was a quiet one. The handyman worked all day on Saturday and half a day on Sunday. Not that we asked him to.... he asked to work for the extra money.   Having a new baby in the family makes one more productive, as if he isn't productive already.

The barn swallows have been building their nests around the porch, and we are trying to dissuade them from over-crowding. A few nests are fine, but last year we had two dozen... way too many baby birds around the porch in all of those nests. And with baby birds come the snakes.... my husband has already disposed of one snake that was trying to get into a nest. Stupid snake got himself caught between the screen and the window of the breakfast room. Not exactly what I wanted to see when I opened up the shutters.

Life goes on in the country...


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